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Straight from our ranch to your table.  100% grass-fed grass-finished beef

*25 lb Starter Pack*

*50 lb Starter Pack*

*50 lb FamilyPack*

*25 lb BBQ Pack*

*15 lb Mixed Pack*

*Large Quantities*

*Ground Beef*

*15 lb New York Pack*

25 LB

25lb Starter Pack

This box is a perfect way to get all the variety without having to sacrifice the entire freezer. 

  • 5-8 premium steaks. (such as any combination of Ribeyes, NY, filet, sirloin)

  • 3-5 classic steaks (such as any combination of sirloin tip, beef tender, chuck eye cross-rib steaks)

  • Specialty steak (flank, skirt, flat iron, etc)

  • Short ribs

  • 2-5 lbs roasts

  • 5-9 lbs natural ground beef

  • Carna asada ,Stew meat & Soup shanks

This is the perfect amount to fit into your kitchen freezer
Minimum 25 pounds. Delivered frozen in vacuumed packing 

50lb Starter Pack


All the same great variety as the 25lb sample pack just twice at much of each cut of beef!

50 lb
50lb Family Pack

Have a family you need to feed day after day? Like the flexibility of ground beef? Or the leave and forget 'till dinner of the crock-pot? 

Then this package is for you!

  • 10 lbs of ground beef 

  • 10 lbs short ribs 

  • 15 lbs roast(chuck ,crossrib, sirloin tip & rump)

  • 15  lbs stew meat and soup shank


25lb B.B.Q Pack

If you find yourself cooking outside on the grill most evenings then pick up one of these. 

  • 8-12 lbs of ground beef/patties

  •  8-12lbs premium grilling steaks

  • classic steak or 

  • 2-3 lb back ribs 

BBQ Pack

Ground Beef

Burgers, tacos, meatballs the list goes on and on. These are a few of our favorites. 

  •  25 lbs natural ground beef- $175

  • 15 lbs natural ground beef-$115

  • 10 lbs natural ground beef-$80

Ground beef

Large Quantities

Have the room? Then this is the only way to go! Since our beef is vacuum packed it can last for a very long time in your freezer. So buy 1/2 or 1/4 beef save money and never run short. These packages come with all the cuts you love.

Beef Steak
15 lb Mixed Pack


Not picky about your cuts of premium beef?

Like variety in your life?

Grab one of these

  • This package will have mix of premium steaks, ribs, a roast maybe even a shank.

  • Oh and of course a few pounds of our most popular item, ground beef 

15 lb New York Pack


  • I hope you love steaks ! 

  • 4-7 lbs of New York steaks

  • A mix of flat iron, flank &  skirt steaks

  • 2  filet Mignon steaks

  • 8 Burger Patties

  • 2 lbs groud beef 

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