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Our Staff


Mimm and Pop

Owner operators

Jerry Bradley is 3rd Generation Cattle Rancher. Growing up in both Lincoln and Sierravalley he will always call California home. Roseann Bradley has always stood by her cowboy side. Growing up in the Bay Area she has a grasp of the growing need of a quaygrass fed product 

Nick , Becca & Capri

Owner operators 

Nick Bradley Rebecca Bradley Capri Bradley just turning 2


Free labor weekend cow hands 

Jamie Lane has been a part of Bradley and Son Cattle since the very start, taking care of business and making sure things are running properly at the farm. Being a Fresh Food Manager is extremely difficult, but Jamie Lane makes it seem easy.

Cuts price per pound




        Filet Mignon             $19.99            1. 5 lb.
        Rib Eye                     $19.99            1.75 lb 
        New York                 $14.99            1.5 lb.
        Top Sirloin               $14.99             1.25 - 1.75 lb.  (2 steaks/package)

        Flat Iron Steak       $14.99            1.75- 2 lb.
        Hanger Steak        $12.99             1.25 lb.     
        Skirt Steak              $12.99             1 lb.
  Cross Rib                  $12.99              .75-1.5lb.

        Bottom & Top round  $8.99

        Eye of round steaks  $8.99

        Carna Asada               $8.99

   Cut              Price/lb.         Av. Weight Each
       Chuck (boneless)     $7.99          3  lb.(sold out)
       Tenderloin Tail           $22.99       2 lb.
      Whole Tenderloin     $22.99       3.5 lb.
       Tri Tip                           $12.99       1.5 lb.(sold out)
       Brisket                         $9.99          3-3.5 lb.(sold out)
       Prime Rib                   $16.99        5.5-6.5 lb.(sold out)

       Rump Roast               $7.99

        Cut                  Price/lb.         Av. Weight Each
        Ground Beef           $5.99             1 lb.        
        Stew meat             $8.29            1 lb
        Short Ribs     $8.99            2.5 - 3 lb.
        soup Shanks   $6.99           1.5 lb ​
        Marrow Bones          $6.99    

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