Snack Sticks are the go to travel snack from Bradley and Sons, grab yourself a pack and it is good to go anywhere with you. Road trips, hiking, work, whatever you are doing this is a healthy and convenient option for your new favorite snack.

-Ready to eat


-Three options:

--8oz. Teriyaki l $16.00 per pack (quantity 1)

--8oz.Pepper l $16.00 per pack (quantity 1)

--4oz. Pepperoni l $7.00 per pack (quantity 1)

Snack Sticks

  • Grass Fed & Finished Premium beef. All our steaks, roast and ribs come frozen in vacuum packages. This will keep the beef fresh tasting for months. Premium steaks cut 1 1/3 '' thick. Roast will be 2-4 lbs. You may notice on your beef packaging "Foothill Meat Company" this is our USDA beef processor .