The perfect amount for your kitchen freezer.


  • 6-8 premium steaks (such as any combination of Rib Eyes, NY, Filet Mignon, Sirloin)

  • 4-5 classic steaks (such as any combination of Sirloin Tip, Beef Tender, Chuck Eye, Cross Rib steaks)

  • Specialty steak (Flank, Skirt, Flat Iron, etc)

  • Short Ribs

  • 2-4 lbs Roasts

  • 5-8 lbs natural ground beef

  • Carna Asada, Stew Meat & Soup Shanks


~ Please Remember ~

Listed above are approximates. Cuts are rarely the same weight per animal. Therefore, what is received may vary. Actual weight will be calculated after initial invoice and you will be billed the variance.

25lb. Starter Pack

SKU: 25 lb. Starter Pack
  • Grass Fed & Finished Premium beef. All our steaks, roast and ribs come frozen in vacuum packages. This will keep the beef fresh tasting for months.  Premium steaks cut 1 1/3 '' thick.  Roast will be 2-4 lbs.  You may notice on your beef packaging "Foothill Meat Company" this is our USDA beef processor .