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Commercial Angus crossbred cow in focus

Top Quality Cattle

At Bradley and Son we are dedicated to providing the best quality meat to our customers.  This process starts even before the calf is born.  Through generations of experience, we have learned how to meticulously select our bulls and cows with superior genetic makeup. The end product is top quality meat that tastes great, tender and is full of marbling!

Wetland Creation

Premium Pasture

In California we're fortunate enough to chase the best grass pastures. This means we move the cattle twice a year. Spring we move the cattle to the water filled meadows of the Sierra Nevada's. There the pasture grows green all summer long! At falls end, we travel to the foothills of Butte County to escape the snow and welcome the warmer rains. This will bring tall grass at start of spring. By doing this it gives our cattle the opportunity to grow all year long.  The mom will get the nutrients to produce as much milk as her calf needs. That calf will have all the grass it needs to stay full and happy every signal day.  

Cattle drive by two cowboys in Colorado.


Unlike some grass fed beef operations, Bradley and Son Grass Fed Beef has a plentiful herd to pick from.  What this enables us to do is use the best of the best!  We have hundreds to pick from.  This insures we don't settle for anything but the very best!

Red Barn

Harvesting Process

All our steaks, roast and ribs come frozen in shrink wrapped packages. This will keep the beef fresh tasting for months.  Premium steaks cut 1 1/3 '' thick.  Roast will be 2-4 lbs.  You may notice on your beef packaging "Foothill Meat Company" or "Johansen's" these our USDA beef processor .  We have tried others in our area and have found these to be the best! 

How will my beef be packaged?

Watch this video by our USDA beef processor Foothill Meat Company to learn all about how your beef will come packaged from their facility!

Double-Wrap Shrink Wrapping is how our beef is packaged and it is the least expensive method from a material and labor point of view which helps for us to pass those saving along to you! It is by far the best way of protecting a cut of meat in the freezer. To Shrink Wrap a cut of meat, it is especially important to have one of several small holes in the shrink film. The package is completely sealed with an L bar sealer. Then the package travels through a Shrink Tunnel. While traveling through the shrink tunnel, the trapped air inside the package must escape, while the shrink film conforms to the contours of the cut of meat. The hole or multiple holes are the most important aspect of this method. If the air cannot escape fast enough, the pressure inside the package becomes too great, and the film will burst, or a seal opens. This is one of the main reasons that double-wrapping is encouraged. The hold of the first wrap is covered by the second wrap. Most of the packers are using a 75 GA Shrink film, and of course wrapping it twice. Any custom butcher, who has used shrink wrapping for years, will tell you that they have pulled packages out of the freezer after two or three years, and they were still very acceptable. 


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Age Verification

BQA Verified


Non-GMO Project Compliant

Source Verification

Verified Grassfed

Verified Natural Beef

China EV

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