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About Us

Bradley and Son is a traditional Cow calf beef operation. We calve out mama cows in the summer months and sell those calves commercially in the following year.  


The Bradley family has been doing this for generations. It’s now over the past handful of years that we started offering a specific grass fed and finished product privately to friends and family.


We hand pick the top end of our cattle crop to keep on the ranch and finish out with native grasses on pasture.  By selecting the top animals this will insure the best possible product to end up on your family’s dinner table. 


Our History

How it all started

This all started back in the early 1940’s when Grandpa Francis Bradley, decided to switch from dairy farming to beef ranching. Wintering in Lincoln Ca. and summering in Sierra Valley Ca., which is a majestic and the largest valley in the Sierras.


He and his wife Ruth had 6 children, they all helped with daily cattle chores. As a family, every spring they moved with the cattle to Sierra Valley. As they grew up, the daughters had other interests but the 3 sons went into the cattle business. Bradley Brothers Cattle continued the tradition. One of the brothers,


Jerry, moved back to Chico, where he had graduated in Beef Science from CSUC. This allowed them to expand where they pastured the cattle. Not only did they pasture cattle in Lincoln and Sierra Valley they expanded and began wintering cattle in Chico Ca. and Yuba County as well as summering in Quincy Ca. Jerry had a son who was interested in the cattle business. In 2009 he and his son, Nick branched out and developed their own business, Bradley and Son Cattle LLC.


We continue as a family run business that for years has raised quality beef cattle which has always been in demand by the best beef processing companies.


It is a natural progression to share with others what we have always enjoyed ourselves. In recent years, Bradley and Son Cattle began offering grass-fed beef privately to friends and family. Now we are making our grass-fed and finished beef available to you.

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